Gizmodo Video: Picco Z R/C Helicopter Crashes, Loves the Smell of Napalm in the Morning

We've been feeding our R/C helicopter jones with this Picco Z copter, a micro-flyer made of styrofoam and capable of flailing around for a full 8 minutes on a 20-minute charge.

We're still working on our piloting technique, but even with the special aluminum weights attached to the nose, the little bugger just doesn't want to go forward. Hovering is its specialty, as you can plainly see. That, and crashing. A lot. The horror!


Still, it's tons-o-fun for your $39. Plus, the babes in the office liked it. A lot. In fact, one of 'em was at the helm of this mini-beast as we shot this footage. In fact, she's the best chopper pilot in the whole damn joint.

Product Page [Hobbytron]


This was the best toy I ever bought for $30, I couldnt get mine to go forward with the stick on weights, so i pierced them while they were all stuck together with a thumbtack, the kind with big plastic pusher part, not the flat metal kind, then I stuck that into the nose of the heli so that it pointed down alittle bit. Worked perfectly just the right amount of weight to get it to go forward. I suggest trying that gizmodo. It worked great until a friend and I got drunk and took it outside to see how high it would go.. Of course a wind gust came and knocked it out of the sky and it smashed to little pieces. I hope I have whined enough about not having it anymore for my girlfriend to get me a new one for X-mas.