Video of Touchscreen BlackBerry Bold Montana Shows It's Better Than Expected

Back when I used a BlackBerry everyday, all I wanted was a touchscreen Bold for prodding the screen and actioning stuff. Nothing fancy, just a little light touching. This leaked video displaying the Montana shows it's responsive, but won't do much for impressing iPhone or Android users.


For BlackBerry users though, it'll be a godsend. I'm glad RIM's realized that not everyone wants a full touchscreen—part of the appeal with BlackBerrys is their hardy keyboards, after all.

Meanwhile, another touchscreen BlackBerry has leaked out with the codename "Orlando"—this is fingered as being part of the cheapie Curve range of handsets. This joins the leaked pics of the Torch 2, which looks to have a very snazzy back plate indeed. What do you think about that, suits? [BBLeaks via N4BB via InventorSpot]


Appears to be a nice extension of the perfect little utilitarian device for doing little more than productive access to emails, calendaring and phone calls. That is all a corporation buying phones for their staff what it to do, really. The people using them, on the other hand ...