You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend If He Hacks Into Your E-Mail and Uses Your Sexual History Against You

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Over at Slate, Dear Prudence got a question from a reader involving her creepy and insecure boyfriend. Why creepy? Because the girl recently discovered that her boyfriend had hacked into her E-mail account and sifted through 5-years worth of messages. Even worse, the prick filtered searches to find emails with "date" and "sex" in the body and is now using the girl's sexual history against her in arguments.

She says her formerly kind and sweet boyfriend has been replaced with this jealous and insecure grosso. The two are living together and she was asking Dear Prudence what to do. Um, it's quite clear to me: get the heck out and ditch the dude. The guy violated one of the tenets of personal privacy.

There's just a certain amount of digital privacy that should exist in all relationships. Don't check my e-mails, don't peep my texts, don't hijack my Facebook! Once people start digging around your personal digital history, chat logs, DMs, etc. something will be come out and it won't be pretty. Avoid all that by trusting your partner. It sounds cheesy but extend the same trust you have in them in real life to their computer too. If it's important, they'll eventually tell you everything you need to know. [Slate]

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junior ghoul

you know when trying to become friendly with girls i've found them rather confusing and have said that I just plain didn't understand them. Later on though I would hear about what some girls boyfriends did, and how many guys out there were doing things that were give or take equally bad...and decided that I just plain didn't understand them as well.

You're all f**king crazy. I'm going home.

on a serious is amazing what dudes will do. I have to wonder if they truly realize how bad the things that they're doing are. I mean, going through gfs e mails, demanding to know where they are, and general completely unjustifiable acts of selfishness.

honest to goodness (extremely short) story: One time I when I was working at a restaurant as a parking lot attendant (awesome job btw) one of the dudes that I was working with had his gf come by with a drink for him. Girl was pretty damn cute, and came by just to give the guy a drink. as she began to drive away in her car, the dude spat at her. When I asked him why the f**k he did that (because that was just all kinds of nonsensicle in my book) he said something along the lines of "you do things your way and i'll do things my way".

I still can't figure out why he spat at her.

although side note, he was a wigger, and the human equivilant/personification of a pitbull in most every way you can imagine.