Hitachi Press Conference: Blow by Blow

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We'll be live-blogging here...we'll see if it's worth it. So far, what passes as breakfast is really a bunch of sticky buns and lidless coffee. Ugh. I am thirsty. It was a run to get here. Charlie is politely ignoring my sweatiness.

Hit the jump for our updates.

Talking about flat-panel technologies and Hitachi's role. They are improving manufacturing processes for HDTV demand, as well as marketing investment "for consumers to understand the overall benefit of plasma technology".


Now they are talking about the hybrid hard disk DVD camcorder that has been number 1 selling in Japan for (17 weeks?)

Right, it's the DZHS500A I think.

Ok, CEO is done.

Now they are talking about their long range "lady in red with the white leopard" campaign. They seem more interested in talking about their new marketing strategies than anything else.

"Accessible Luxury" is their new mantra, and they hinted at a new two-tiered 1080 strategy. Damn, now they are back to marketing partners. We were so close to some new stuff!

Ok, camcorders.

"Revolutionary breakthrough" used again. They are talking about Hitachi doing the world's 1st DVD camcorder. They think that is the #1 technology for camcorder consumers next year.


Now they are talking about their Hybrid DVD HDD camcorder. This is for sale now in the US. Nice.

"Hold two camcorders in one hand"

Record an event...

DZHS300A $599
8GB microdrive = 6 hours in standard mode recording, 3 fine
After you record events to you hard dive, you push the dubbing button and you can dump everything to DVD/DVDs, with everything or just highlights.


DZHS500A = March
30gb microdrive = 23 hours in standard mode

HAHA, they said the microdrive was 8mb. haha.

moving on...

OK, 1 terabyte...and concept of smart hard disk drive.

Haha, 8MB said again. Revolutionary.

Alright, they are back to the 1 terabyte drive. They will be available in March: $399.


Deskstar 7k1000 is its name.

Then they will have the Cinemastar 7k1000 drive...same thing, for DVRs. They said nothing about it.


Both drives are quiet, 3GB SATA.

Ok, "Smart Hard Drive": it is the Audio-Visual Storage Manager (AVSM)
They use management to handle multiple screen of HD content. Up to 14 streams.


Alright, now we are moving on to their TVs. They are focusing on their brand new 50" screen.

Two Tier 1080 Strategy
Full HD: 1920x1080
HD 1080: 1280x1080

It looks like they will scale like consumer HD camcorders. Video coming.

Less than $2500, 1080i, 50-inch, 1.3million pixels (another .3million in its class). But it is supposed to be the best thing evar. Now they are getting technical.


Electrode placement means more actual pixels with less processing.

1080p does not exist.

37 and 27? Inch models.

But Plasma is WAY better, they still say. So I guess you are a sucker if you buy these models if you want to watch "moving pictures".


Ok, that's it. Thanks for tuning in to the liveblogging.

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