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Grooveshark Yanked off Android

Grooveshark, my favorite probably-not-legal streaming music service, has lost its home on the Android Market. Google booted the app for the same reason everything bad in the world happens: record label complaints. Thanks for the capitulation! [Mashable]


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Alex Philip

I don't understand why they would hate Grooveshark. Its not much different than Pandora or the actual Radio. And there are many more services like it; Rdio, Spotify, iheart radio, Napster, Slacker, Imeem, AOL Radio, and many more. People could be pirating the music. But instead they are using a legal service to listen to the music they enjoy, and discover new artist and songs that they like. I have found many new songs i would have never heard of before, because of Grooveshark. I then purchased the songs from iTunes to add to my library.

And yes, Grooveshark is legal. They follow close to the DMCA guidelines and copyright laws. And have liscence to over two million songs. You can find all the info about it at [] and A list of labels that allow Grooveshark to play their music: []