Tuesday Night: Open Bar Season

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To start things off right tonight, we'll be hitting the Opium room inside Tao restaurant. No guarantees on the hardcore drugs, but we can promise you we'll be seeing the winners of the Best of CES contest.

We'll be mixing movies and drinks at Headplay's cocktail party at the Venetian, and mingling in the Wine Room at Wolfgang Puck's for a Nokia dinner. At the Mandalay Bay, we'll slide into The Mix for another dinner and steal some good food, stiff drinks and hot tech info. More parties, including Monster Cable's, after the jump.

As promised yesterday, we'll be at the Monster Cable Retailer Awards party to take in some solid gadgets and gawk at a live performance by jazz daddies George Benson and Al Jarreau.


We'll try our luck with Sony Online Entertainment and Nyko at their poker party at the MGM. If our luck in the casinos so far is any indication, somebody from Sony will be robbing us blind.

We try our best, but we can't drink every open bar in Vegas dry, so some parties have to go on without us. Karennet's CES party planner has the full list, but tonight's lineup also includes the TTZ Media party, TRENDnet party, AVS forum party, and shindigs by Cooler Master and Maximum PC.

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CES and cocktail parties...i wanna play.