Brian Lam, True Competitor, Builds PCs Very Quickly


Last night Brian Lam, our fearless leader, competed in the Tigerdirect Computer Building Games 2007 here at CES. It was a race of the least athletic kind, pitting nerd on nerd in a race to see who could build a PC the fastest. Lam came in 3rd place last year and really wanted to win this time around just so he could get photographed with a gigantic check. The prize money didn't go to the contestants but rather to a charity in their name, but just getting his pic taken with a big check would have been reward enough.

Did he win? Well, you don't see any giant check photos on the Giz, do ya? Watch the video for the gripping footage of Blam in his element.


CES 2007 [Gizmodo]


How fun.

Props for you Brian.

It takes people days to figure out this stuff and that's after hours on google searching thier problem on another computer.

Least you weren't that guy with the floppy cable looking all confused like he was going to hook it up to a optical drive.

Way to represent!