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Circuit City Store Layouts Getting Overhauled, Might Suck Less

Illustration for article titled Circuit City Store Layouts Getting Overhauled, Might Suck Less

Looking to gain some ground against arch-rival Best Buy and online retailers, Circuit City is debuting a redesigned store model in June. Rather than try the bigger and badder approach, they're actually shrinking stores by a third, presumably utilizing a more economical setup in order to cut costs, though details are sketchy at this point.


I'm all for it, since most of the CC stores I've been to have a poor, non-standardized layout with a lot of wasted space. On the other hand, I can walk into BBs in two different states and find everything I want. Besides, anything that allows Circuit City to keep undercutting Best Buy's prices in their weekly ads gets a thumbs up in my book. Now if they could just drop that stupid "Firedog" moniker for their Geek Squad ripoff.

Circuit City to roll out new prototype store [CNN Money]

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As a Firedog in my location (CA) I can again assure you that we are not a ripoff of the Geek Squad, and in response to the Geek Squad associate above me, having two brands is counterproductive in the case of technology in this day. It's about convergence, just like 90% of the gadgets featured on Giz. Our store layouts are bad in general, but seeing what we have done in our store alone over the course of the last year (in terms of brightness and ease of use) I can only look forward to what the company has in store. I am well trained in Home Theatre installation and tech, even though I work in the PC department. What better way to sell a giant TV with a new HTPC and surround sound than to have one associate who can do it ALL.