All-In-One iPhone: The Backlash Begins

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This goof has already been taken off eBay, but it brings up an issue: why can't you just carry an iPod (or any other music player, for that matter) along with a cellphone? Is it really that much trouble to carry multiple devices?

Well, yes it is. We'd rather just keep up with one device rather than two, or even three or four. Give us GPS, a cellphone, music and video player, a computer, and instant message device, all in one. It's all about the convergence, baby. But then, when that one device has just one non-replacable battery, we're thinking that's too many eggs in one basket. Comments?

eBay gem: "Phase 1 prototype iPhone from Apple-Phone AND iPod" [Core77]

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It's the people challenge companies to come up with that one device to do all. Eversince the iPod craze began, heard that "wish it was a phone also" comment maybe bazilion times.

Then when they attempt to do it; this time prosumers complain about all the little things that made it possible to fit in that shell;

- Only 8G memory?

- Only 2mpxl camera?

- Whoa; no 3G?

- No buttons?

Personally, I have long admitted that if you're buying a handheld unit to play music; go but the one with best interface and most memory; if u're buying a phone, go buy the slimmest and most easy to use one.

Gadgets that bring many features together but master none are still very much overrated is my comment...