Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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Comment of the Day: Phone Grope and Gallery: Samsung Ultra Music SGH-F300

"I would like a super slim phone... that only makes phone calls!"—JasonCo


In July of 2007 my husband was really transferred to an area of California where T-mobile does not service. called t-mobile they were the one who told me that they don't service that area they said I had to fax them a letter that I want to cancel service and provide them a bill or rental agreement. I did July 9th I provided them my rental agreement paid my last bill and never got anything else from them. Yesterday I got a letter from a collection agency from t-mobile for $900.00 I called t-mobile to find out why they said they did get my fax but that no ones name was on the agreement which is not true, but yet no one ever contacted me or sent me anything until now. T-mobile said to me that they cannot pull up any information that I have to request a dispute form from the collection agency the Law office of Mitchell N. Kay in New York told me I had to get that form from

t-mobile. Now t-mobile said they will put in that the collection agency is not cooperating and they will let me know something in 48 hrs. Yeah right.