Hyperbike: NASA Likes, But We're Not Riding the Hideous Bastard

Illustration for article titled Hyperbike: NASA Likes, But Were Not Riding the Hideous Bastard

The Hyperbike is a total body bike, exploiting strength from both the lower and upper body. Yes, this contraption/deathmobile looks absolutely hideous. But NASA's Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program is officially funding a new prototype because of its innovative design.

But the bigger draw is that your balance is no longer precariously hanging over the wheels. Instead, inspired by racing wheelchairs, two massive, 8-foot wheels lean inward adding speed and stability. The inventor claims the hyperbike is "crawling at 50 mph", and we hope that's true. Otherwise the public will make out our shamed visage as we chug by next Saturday. No pricing yet.

Introducing the Hyperbike [via treehugger]

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