The Shoe Rolodex

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There's not a day that goes by that we're thankful our own females don't own 18 pairs of shoes in the entire spectrum of the rainbow as illustrated in the picture on the left. But if yours does, this Rakku Designs shoe rolodex will keep your footwear as organized as your contacts.


At a price of only $65, it's comparable to other shoe organizers and shoe trees, but is more compact so you can fit—they claim—30 pairs of shoes in it. However, it only fits up to a men's 10.5, so we're out of luck.

Product Page [Rakku Designs via Gadget Candy via uber gizmo]


I see that's demo'd with ladies' heels, so guys with chunky sneakers, you wanna check the width on device that in case you forgot how damned different that can be. I've found that my hiking boots don't really fit in the 'shoe organizers' that area really meant for 'fancy shoe' hoarding women, and when you're putting one shoe per slot, you're not really winning out.