Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Reviewed (Verdict: Great For The Price)

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Nokia 770 owners who use the Wi-Fi enabled device for web browsing, email and chat may not have a huge reason to buy the N800, but everyone else may. Costing only $400, this portable internet tablet has an 800x480 touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VGA-video calling camera, SD slots, faster RAM, faster CPU, and amazing battery life.

Even with Wi-Fi on and constant use, the tablet didn't have to be charged for at least five days. That's plenty of time for you to find an outlet even if you're traveling for business.


As for performance, it's not quite fast enough to process YouTube or Google Video, so people who wanted to watch YouTube in the kitchen are out of luck. However, the great Wi-Fi reception lets you sneak off an email or IM where laptops and smartphones can't.

The only downside to devices like the N800 is the size. It's not as big as a laptop or larger UMPC, but larger than a cellphone, so you're stuck carrying it in a bag. If you have a bag, why not get a laptop?

Despite these drawbacks, the media capabilities, battery life, and relatively low price makes this a good fit to people who need a small tablet.

Review: The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet [OSNews]


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Will it run:

Firefox — yes, a mini version of it

Winamp — no this is linux, not windows. there are a million other media players that do the same thing so don't worry you'll be covered

VLC Player — what is this?

ITunes — no but you won't need it...

Games Emulators(Lite ones) - yes, ported games to linux as well as small NES type games

Does It have:

3.5 Headphone Jack — it has regular 8th inch stereo headphone

Video Output...of some kind — no, but you could install vnc server / viewer to get output onto a regular computer screen

USB ports (so I could use a wireless mouse and keyboard even a remote) — yes, but requires some "hacking" to get it to work (normally it only works in client mode, not host mode, you need host mode to get it to host flash drives or hard drives. no word on wether this has been done on the 800, but it has been done on the 770)

I have the 770. I use mine every day, every other hour or so. Checks my email constantly, i surf the web, i ssh to servers and do web maintanance, etc etc. I watch video on it when i'm bored, I have lost of music on it, and i listen to web radio all the time (in the shower, on my headphones, plug it in my stereo etc etc).

I would die to get my hands on an 800, but i'm a poor college kid and already have the 770. I could rattle off the great things about these devices, but you can read them elsewhere. I will tell you this: the ease and comfort of using this device is much greater than any phone (iphone or not). the linux distro, while lite, is great because there is an application manager on it which you can use to download tons of other software. For instance, the 770, you can download audio recorders, tuners for instruments, star maps, google map api app, tons of games, ebook reader, ssh client and server, vnc server and client, etc etc etc. There's so much to do with these, I find myself leaving my laptop off unless I have something specific to do. You'd be surprised at how much you can do with less than a 1ghz proccessor. I was skeptical at first, but found that it worked great.

I can't wait to get this new one. woot!!