Mac HD DVR on USB: Miglia TVMini HD+

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The Miglia TVMini HD+ turns your Mac into an HD DVR, plus it can even tune in unencrypted digital cable signals. Plug it into one of your Mac's USB 2.0 ports and you can record 10-bit video and stereo sound from over-the-air HDTV, analog cable and digital cable, too.


It includes a remote control and EyeTV 2 software that gives you DVR features and electronic programming guide as well. Available for pre-order now, it'll be $218, shipping next month. Considering that HD looks better over the air than it does via cable, this versatile unit gives you a choice, delivering the HD goodness however you want.

Product Page [Miglia]


sammy baby

Well... um. Wow. It's cheaper than a Tivo, at any rate.

Anyone tried this item out yet?