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Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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Nokia N99 Pic Leaks, Looks Like a Powerhouse
Nokia N95: Smartphone of 2007?
Bye-Bye Hard Drives? Toshiba Announces Densest Flash Memory Yet
New Memory Chip Small Enough to Travel Through Your Veins
Zune: How We've Lived With It For Three Months


Comment of the Day: Automatic Pussy Washing Machine (Totally Safe For Work)

"I've got a 24 pound monster kitty who most assuredly needs a bath now and again because he's got dandruff. However, the last time we tried to wash him ourselves, we had a three-person, one-cat melee that ended with me in the ER getting treated for a claw puncture that went clear into the space in one of my finger joints."—InfMom

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Comment of the Day. I've finally hit the big time! Yee haa!