Hasselblad Shames All DSLRs with New 31MP Monster

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Ok, so it might cost you $25k, but Hasselblad's new shooter has what it takes to put all your Nikon and Canon-toting friends to shame. Aside from its massive megapixel muscle, the H3D-31 uses a 44 x 33mm sensor and boasts a higher ISO rating and faster capture rate (1.2 seconds per image to be exact) than its competitors. Granted its price tag will forever keep it from getting into our grubby hands, but we can still admire from afar.

Hasselblad H3D-31 [Photography Blog]

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erm... hasselblad was doing digital for several years now. this camera is the third installment of the h-series. and it's not digital, really - they just sell a digital back that's made to fit it - you can skip it and take an ordinary 120-film back instead.