Debbie Does Dallas ... Again: First Blu-Ray Porn

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Amidst all of the debate whether porn won't or will be allowed on Blu-Ray, I am happy to announce that the first scheduled Blu-Ray pornographic film will be Debbie Does Dallas ... Again. This announcement just brings warmth to my heart because a lot of us grew up on the classic, Debbie Does Dallas and it is only appropriate to see the re-release of this smash hit in glorious 1080p on Blu-Ray. Vivid Entertainment announced that the flick will be simultaneously released on Blu-Ray and HD DVD on March 28 and you can expect to see me at the first one in line to buy both, to play on my dual-format LG BH100 player, of course.


Blu-Ray "PornGate" Ends with the Return of 'Debbie Does Dallas' [High-Def Digest]



I still think Hi-Def porn is going to be extremely disappointing. You're gonna be seeing a lot of stuff you wish you hadn't. Either that, or the job market in video editing in California is about to grow exponentially.