GPS Shoes Let Mommy Know Where You Are

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Good news for worried parents. These GTX GPS Xplorer Smart Shoes will let you keep track of your kids no matter where you are. Here's how it works.


Define a "safe" area around your house or school that it's safe for your kids to wander around. When the GPS signal goes outside of the area, an SMS will be sent to your phone alerting you of the situation. Then you're free to call your wife, the police, or Chloe from 24.

The shoes last several days on one charge, which means they may or may not be juiced when you need them most.

New GTX Smart GPS Shoe Xplorer [i4u via Mobile Mag]



Maybe it's just me, but I often have trouble getting GPS signal with the unit in my pocket. I don't think having it under your foot would work all that well most of the time. The human body is fantastic at blocking the frequencies used by GPS.