The House that Apple Built...

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A lot of folks assume we are huge Apple fanboys here at Gizmodo, but we have nothing on Jeremy Mehrle of St. Louis. He has a grand total of 74 Macs in his house, all set up to run in some fashion or another. The entire home is even designed in the white contemporary style that Apple is known for. Bravo, Mehrle, bravo. Hit the Flickr link below to see all of the pictures of his shockingly beautiful, yet geeky, home.

Flickr Gallery [Via ChipChick]

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damn i've been outwitted by a man whose name references pot with a borat avatar. shall i go into a lesson on the effects of THC on your brain?

also, please forgive me for missing the 'u' ... it means a lot to me.

anyhow, where does it say he leaves everything on all the time? i see the difference between turning on a bunch of computers for a photoshoot and leaving the lights on 24/7. you guys are quacking about how much he wastes but why not go to the typical office building where everything runs 24/7/365? or better yet please tell me why christmas lights are acceptable? further why is it ok for you to drive your giant suv that gets 10 miles to the gallon to the grocery store?

for some reason though, i thought we were on a blog about cool tech stuff, not treehugger on her period but obviously i was totally wrong.