Microsoft Vista Faster on a Mac Pro Than Apple's Own OS X

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Ironically, one of the fairest reviews of Microsoft's Vista comes from Pete and Leander over at Wired's Cult of Mac blog. They tell us what the Vista experience is like on a Mac Pro using Bootcamp, with much praise.

Vista really flies on this beast, and feels like it's faster than OS X - it boots faster, folders burst open and apps launch instantly...I'm especially delighted with Vista's "glass" Aero interface, which works in all its glory on this machine...The OS is dark and handsome. It's really quite exciting...Vista's icons are big and colorful, and frankly, a lot more logical and easy to read than some of OS X's, like the intelligible iWeb icon.


Of course, that speed is subject to OS operations only, but still. And Zune support works for him...wait, this is a Mac blog, yes?


Of course, in many ways it's the same old Windows. There are pop-up dialogs galore thanks to the new security features, and the Start menu, though slimmed down, is still a confusing mess. Maybe it's just me.

There we go.

Of course, the results on the portables will vary, especially with the Standard Macbooks and their far less significant video procs. Right now, support is spotty. Send me in guides and reviews of how Vista runs on portable Macs, please!

Leander and his Vista Powermac [Cult of Mac]



"Yes im sorry to let you mac fanboys know that i do beleive that steve jobs woke up one morning and said "OH CRAP our power pc processors blow, so do our video cards.. Lets just make pc notebooks that look pretty, but run OSX then surprise everyone by saying you can run both windows and Mac on the same machine, when really we just sold you a PC and engineered a much more expensive version of Virtual PC, but still refuse to license your OS out to anyone else, so we've created the worlds largest one way street"

Mac's right now have the same technology most pc's have, all that time people were telling me "mac hardware is just better, its just more reliable, they'll never change" .... mmm i love hypocrites"

How is Boot Camp a more expensive version of Virtual PC? Since it's released as a free beta and soon to be integrated into 10.5, it's actually a freebie on top of the rest of the package.

There was never any need for the top of the line GPU's in Macs since gaming is low to zero priority. It's for driving displays and handling bigger production apps, not games. What good is a heavy duty card in a computer that will probably never be used to play in 3D?

I've been using PPC macs since the G3. I've never had any problems with speed. The G5 is a great computer, regardless of what clods like you think. Powerbooks are fantastic computers, and my Macbook is sublime. I'm not going to get into some fanboyish rant about how PC's suck because that's a dishonest generalization, much like these infantile losers' opinion of Mac users at large.