Boston Power's Fat Batteries Pack in 15% More Charge

Illustration for article titled Boston Powers Fat Batteries Pack in 15% More Charge

Another good find at DEMO 07 today. Check out the double format cells in that battery pack on the bottom. By filling in the otherwise lost space between the cleavage of two lithium ion cells, it gets another 15% more density and charge into a pack. HP is bringing these bad boys to market soon. Filling in the space is a similar theory to what makes the playdoh-like Lithium polymer so space efficient in iPods. Message to Apple: Please do this to my beloved Macbook lineup.

Boston Power [Boston Power]

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Doh. 80% charge in 30 minutes is cool. 3x the charge cycle life is awesome. But apparently 0% increase in charge capacity? :~( That makes baby Jesus cry.