Sony Ericsson Phone Cradle Turns Your Mobile into a Mini PC

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You can' have a new phone without some new accessories. The folks at Unwired View have dug up some details on Sony Ericsson's multimedia cradle, a dock meant to complement your Sony Ericsson phone. The cradle hooks up to your phone via a system bus and includes a large 7-inch display, built-in mic and speakers, a QWERTY keypad, and a bunch of ports and connections. The point of it is to...


get all those photos and MP3s from your phone onto something where you can manage them all. Sounds pretty cool, but personally I don't have that much media on my smartphone where I need this. True, it's just a concept/patent, but I think we need phones with greater storage capacity and/or better features before I can use this. What do you guys think—would you use something like this today?

Replace the PC with Your Cellphone [Unwired View]


It's an interesting idea - my 810 has gmail, gmaps, web browsing...but a small screen and limited input. A slightly larger device that increases usability would be taking a step towards a full laptop replacement when it comes to traveling light.