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Blackberry Patents Show off Strange Keyboard Layouts

Illustration for article titled Blackberry Patents Show off Strange Keyboard Layouts

The picture says it all. These patents showed up yesterday and I have to say: if it isn't broken, don't fix it. The keyboard on the current generation Blackberry models is perfectly fine and these patented ideas are a bit too whacky for today's business tycoon. Maybe the next version of the Blackberry will have each button look like the letter it represents. Now that would be sweet (not really). Thanks, Staska


Some New Blackberry Patents [Unwired View]

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Dump the keyboard and come up with a better input device. I for one would rather see improvements in voice recognition so I can dictate to my blackberry. This would certainly reduce the amount of employees at my company who drive and thumb type.

How about an ocular input device. Something similar to what disabled people use, where it could be projected on a pair of sunglasses and work via Bluetooth. Incoming calls could be call displayed on the glasses so the person never need to fish out their phone and by the same input method could even answer it. Could have an earpiece like the Oakley Thump glasses.

I can just see it now. Dawg hunting down criminals and Blackberrying while lecturing to them.