HairMax Laser Comb Gets FDA Approval

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Wow. And I always thought the FDA were pretty stubborn regarding shooting lasers into your brain-area. If you remember, almost two years ago we first told you about the HairMax laser comb. This $700 comb was able to improve hair quality and thickness by shooting freaking laser beams into your head. Back then it was just a concept and a pretty farfetched one at that, but the FDA actually approved the HairMax Laser Comb. Apparently, after tri-weekly usage people reported 19-time thicker hair per square centimeter. Luckily I have a head full of thick, luxurious hair, but I've heard stories of my balding friends willing to try anything.


LaserComb For Your Chrome Dome [Medgadget]

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OMG. In addition to food and drugs (among other things), the FDA regulates both medical and non-medical lasers. Note: regulates is the operative word. That is, they want to keep harmful devices off the market (e.g., the overpowered green lasers recently appearing in Gizmodo articles). If a non-medical laser device is safe, the FDA doesn't care whether it's effective. It's the FCC that is in charge of stopping deceptive advertising.

FDA approval is irrelevant to whether this device actually grows hair, which of course it doesn't. The device uses the same type of red laser found in laser pointers. Does anyone believe a laser pointer will grow hair? If so, I have $600 hair-growing laser pointers for sale. The FDA approval didn't validate the conclusions of the hair-growing study. The FDA will never approve this thing as a *medical device.* Duh.

Nutritional supplement manufacturers try to patent their products for the same reason: to trick consumers into believing that any official certification turns lead to gold.