Judge Screws Over Canon, Delays SEDs Further

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Last time we tuned into the SED soap opera, Canon was buying Toshiba's stake in the joint SED venture cause Nano-Proprietary, a company that licensed its display tech to Canon, was crying foul over the fact that Canon shared their secret sauce with Toshiba. Well, a judge has now ruled in favor of Nano, saying that yeah, Canon screwed up and they owe Nano certain "damages." So what's this all mean? Sadly, no SEDs for us. At least not until they settle this entire mess. And we wouldn't care if not for the fact that SEDs promised 1ms response times and insane contrast ratios at affordable prices.


Judge Rules Against Canon in Nanotube TV Case [News.com]


Buford T. Justice

SED was never intended to be an affordable alternative to plasma or LCD, and the reason we haven't seen SED in the marketplace is because they will simply lose there. Their benefits do not outweight their costs. We'll see skycars before we see SED at BestBuy.

Strange 'cause that was one of Toshiba's big talking points at CES '06, how inexpensive SEDs would be with volume manufacturing. At the START it wasn't intended to be an affordable alternative but with volume costs were expected to plummet.

*IF* we ever see it, it's not an alternative to Plasma, it's a wholesale replacement. LCD, I don't think so. Power drain + size constraints = LCD around for a looong time.

All that said... I think SED is in the same column at this point as OLED TV's. Nice thought, not happenin'.