Netflix Watch Now: Secret Technique for Cutting In Line, Get Streaming Now

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Netflix is slowly rolling out its movie streaming feature, but some members of the movie service won't be getting this capability until June. If you're one of the unlucky Netflix users who haven't seen that Watch Now tab appear on the Netflix website yet, now there's a way you can skip waiting in line and have it right away. There's a manual method, which we also skipped, but you might want to try it:

• Log into Netflix.

• Click on "Your Account"

• Look for a small graphic on the right column that says "How can I watch movies on my PC?"

• Click the "Start Now" link, and voila, you have a new tab next to Queue.


But what worked best for us was the following one-click technique:

We just clicked this link, and the Watch Now tab appeared on the Netflix site. Suddenly, we were able to watch streaming movies on demand, included free with our Netflix membership. You get an hour of streaming movie watching per month for each dollar your membership costs.

A couple of quick realizations: the service doesn't work with Firefox, so you have to use Internet Exploder. After downloading Netflix's proprietary playback software, we clicked on the movie Amadeus, and unfortunately it was in a 4x3 aspect ratio with mediocre video quality. So far, eh.

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Another Jake

I did this a month or so ago and it worked fine. It took a couple days of hitting that link at random times till I got in so don't give up after one shot. Views on the program: The selection is awful, consisting of mostly movies you've definitely seen or definitely don't want to see. There are a few gems, but you'll find them all and watch them all in a few sessions. Oh well, they add new stuff ever few days. The "high" resolution is about DVD quality if you have a fast internet connection... and if you don't, it will choose a slower rate for you. There is no way to adjust this rate, even if you're willing to wait out a long buffering time. It's getting better fast though considering it's essentially beta.