Optimus 103 Loses a Little Vapor, to Debut at CeBIT

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As first reported on Gizmodo, the Optimus 103 is a joke, or so we thought. After more than a year of speculation, mockups and rumors the Optimus keyboard will actually be a reality when it debuts at CeBIT in the coming weeks. CeBIT is a consumer electronics tradeshow held in Germany. The Art.Lebedev guys are hard at work prepping the key sizes and whatnot, but from what it sounds like there will actually be a working model live at CeBIT beginning on March 21.

Optimus Key Modules [Livejournal]

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Assuming this sucker is really ready for a showroom floor (and that is a ridiculously large assumption), there are some major drawbacks I heard folks mention that would need to be addressed, if true. The largest problem is that folks have mentioned that the key displays degrade relatively quickly with time. True? If you are going to plunk down huge sums on a keyboard like this, you do not want it to be in the dumpster in a couple of years.