Olympus P-1: E-1's Top-Slot Replacement Sees the Light of Day

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Okay all you shutterbugs who care about cameras, this is just for you; all others continue scrolling: We teased you with a few words about how an updated Olympus Digital SLR that will take the place of its current king, the E-1, and now we have pictures of that top gun, which is codenamed P-1.

Scant information is available so far, besides what Olympus told us yesterday about this top dawg being available sometime "this year," but the main innovation claimed for this new model is its articulating LCD screen. Hey, great idea. We're assuming it will be a live view screen like all the others announced by Olympus yesterday. We'll find out more for you at PMA 2007, starting Thursday morning.


Olympus E-1 successor; P-1 pictures [DP Review]

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That screen would come in very handy I think. A friend has one on her Canon and it works very well for shooting overhead or on the ground/at waist level.