Brando Jumps on Wiimote Charging Stand Train

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Remember last year when the Wii launched and there were zero Wiimote charging stands? Those were simpler times, weren't they? Now that Thanko, Thrustmaster, and even Brando are in the game, there's no excuse to have your Wiimote die out in the middle of a Wii party.

This Wii Rechargeable Battery & Charger Stand is pretty simple, comparatively. It charges via USB and holds a Wiimote and a Nunchuk. It lights up when charging, and costs only $17. Cheap by itself, but when you consider the old Nintendo philosophy of making users buy a billion—and by billion we mean four—controllers in order to play party games, that means you're going to be out nearly a hundred bucks when you're done.


Product Page [Brando]

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Optimistic Prime

@color_guru I'm thinking that the nunchuck stand is just to keep it neat and clean.

As far as getting four, most people won't need to. Get one or two since tht's the most likely number of Wii-motes you'll use, and use batteries in the other two for when the guests come over.