The Winerack: Combining Beer and Breasts, Finally

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We know about the Beer Belly, but what about the ladies that want to sneak beer into places where they shouldn't using the contours of their bodies? Good news, girls: the Winerack is here.

Created by the Nobel laureates behind the Beer Belly, the Winerack is a bra that can hold whatever liquid you want. There's even a bonus, as the manufacturers claim you can turn an A cup into a delicious, beer-filled D cup in no time. Pure class, these guys. It's still in beta testing phase, but I'm sure it'll hit store shelves in plenty of time for you to really wow mom and dad with your classy new girlfriend at Christmas.


Thrillist [via Uberreview]

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Hang on, now. Let's think of the advantages. Why cold liquids? Cognac and sake are both best-served at body temperature — why not use this device for them?

The only real drawback I can see is that as the beverage is consumed, the breasts appear to shrink. However, this could be counteracted if the wearer were to be passing sips to their significant other, and booze-goggles would counteract the perceived shrinkage of the bosom.