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iPhone Generated $400 million in Free Publicity

Illustration for article titled iPhone Generated $400 million in Free Publicity

According to Harvard Business School professor David Yoffie, Apple has generated a scant $400 million in free iPhone advertising since its announcement (granted, at least $200 million of that was from Gizmodo alone). He explained:

No other company has ever received that kind of attention for a product launch...It's unprecedented


I doubt that the iPhone announcement drew society's attention more than, say, RCA's first color television or Phillips' first VCR. But given the greater size and spread of media today, I guess that "unprecedented" is still no exaggeration.

Apple buffs marketing savvy [via digg]

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Wow, that's huge but I don't doubt it's wrong. Even here in New Zealand, when the iPhone was revealed there was a huge photo of it on the front page of a major newspaper. Who knows why, but it was there.