Titanic DNA Watch Made From Actual Titanic Parts

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Romain Jerome's Titanic DNA Watch doesn't just name itself after the movie—which we still refuse to see—it's made out of actual steel from the ship. Along with that, the watch face is painted black out of coal recovered from the wreck, and parts of it are made from platinum and other metals they could salvage.


We're guessing a watch made out of parts of a sunken ship won't be "affordable," but what better way to time exactly when it is Kate Winslet gets topless than this baby? Oh wait, people have already done that for you.

Product Page [RomainJerome via Wrist Dreams via Oh Gizmo]



excaza says:

um...isn't the steel corroded by the salt water after all these years?The great thing about metal is that only the exterior would be corroded. As long as there are not stress-related defects in the metal, it will be fine. Plus, more than likely, they melted the steel before forming. I wouldn't think they'd leave a raw piece of steel in there. They have tests they can do to ensure sound structural integrity, but it would just make more sense to melt it down.

I agree that it's probably a BIT in poor taste. At least they didn't do anything like some suggestions or some of the ships blown in Pearl Harbor. I think it's less about celebrating a tragedy and more about owning a piece of history. If you're a Titanic buff, this is a must-have. More than likely (the way it sounds), there will be more of these they will make...