AppleTV: Don't Get Ripped Off Buying Cables

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Today, we learned that AppleTV doesn't come with cables to connect it to your TV or Stereo. Before you go and get yourself ripped off buying cables (on top of paying premiums for the AppleTV itself), I thought I'd remind you of some good HDMI, Component, and TOSLink Optical Audio cables that can save you up to 95% compared to Best Buy's gold plated crap.


HDMI: Instead of Best Buy's $105 12-foot HDMI Cable, pick up a $6 dollar cable of the same length at Firefold.

Component: Skip Best Buy's $42 cables and get this $8 set.

Digital TOSLink Audio: Finally, if you're using Optical Digital Audio, instead of Best Buy's $25 cable, pick up a one for $9.

Apple's gear is pricey, and depending on the person, it's worth it or it isn't. (That's for you to decide.)

But as far as cables go, there's a lot of stuff that works for a fraction of the cost that the big boys are trying to screw you for. You're not just limited to, either. has some good stuff, too. The point is, don't fall for Best Buy or Monster Cable's ridiculous pricing.

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Agreed, cloudnine.

I work at Rad Shmack and have alot of trouble with my conscience about selling overpriced cables.

But I do anyway. (Sorry but I have a job to do )

Anyone I care about I send them to my cheap sources, in this case your cheap sources!!!

People are up their own butts over this stuff.