Reef Dram Sandals Carry Relief for the Perpetually Thirsty

Illustration for article titled Reef Dram Sandals Carry Relief for the Perpetually Thirsty

Squirrel away three ounces of your favorite beverage inside the heel of each of these Reef Dram Sandals, giving you a total of four generous shots of courage afoot wherever you may roam. Looks like a great way to keep your sanity—that is, if you don't mind your single malt tasting a bit like feet.


We like this Reef company, one that keeps besotted wretches such as your heavily sedated Gizmodo team in mind. You may remember its first foray into drinking and walking with its bottle opener sandals, and now there's these $45 Dram Sandals that are available in three earthy colors. Just be sure to empty the contents of their internal flasks before placing them on that airport security conveyor belt.

Product Page [Reef, via AcquireMag]


At first I thought that was swamp water being poured into that glass. Yeh, I think I'll pass on this. Of course with the temperture of the sand hovering about 150 degrees when I finally find a place to lay my blanket at the beach Starbucks might want to put their logo on a few of these.