PC World vs. PC Mag: Windows Geeks Take a Gander at Apple TV

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Here's another perspective on Apple TV from non-Mac devotees: A reviewer at PC World took Apple's media streaming device out for a spin, and generally liked what he saw. It's a good read, praising the easy setup and straightforward operation.


But that's nothing you couldn't get here. When you go to the trouble of reading PC mags of old, you want the kind of depth we saw in PC Magazine's gonzo 10,000 word article. Then again, if you must have the most concise Windows Lover's standpoint:


Reviewer Edward Albro starts out characterizing the box as a big fish in a small pond:

"To say that Apple TV is the world's best media streaming device could be considered faint praise, the tech equivalent of calling someone the world's tallest midget. After all, most previous versions of these devices, have been unreliable, hard to use and generally shunned by the buying public."

The astute reviewer pointed out, however, the mediocre quality of program material he downloaded from iTunes, and decried the glaring lack of HDTV programs on Apple's content delivery store, particularly ironic when using this device that will only work on widescreen TVs. In the end, Albro seemed mildly impressed, but noted that Apple TV is poised for improvement.

Review: Apple TV Just Plain Works [PC World]


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"I don't see how this is better than the xbox 360. Could someone explain it to me?"

It's not better than the Xbox360 for you, but for millions out there who are not interested in gaming, who don't want to invest the time figuring out a game pad, who want a simple set up process that works right off the bat, who want something that integrates nicely with iTunes and iPod, and who don't want some juvenile-looking Star Wars storm trooper-themed crate sitting in their living rooms, the AppleTV works just fine.