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Modular iMobot Will Search, Rescue and—Damn It All—Dance

If it's ever deployed as a rescuer, as designed, the iMobot will undoubtedly save lives and be everyone's favorite evening news robo hero. But I think the iMobot's moonlighting career as a breakdancer is where it will truly shine.


I mean, maybe it's just me, but at the :20 mark in this video I started imagining a big swath of cardboard under the thing while an oversize boombox belted out funky tunes in the background. That's normal, right?

Anyway, kudos to UC Davis for contributing to the advancement robotics, especially in the realm of search and rescue. As we know far too well right now, there is definitely a need for bots that can enter locations humans dare not tread. [UC Davis via Engadget]

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I just dislike the name, why the need of put an "i" before the name...

but is a good conceptual idea