iPod Slows Enemy Bullet, Saves Life

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Kevin Garrad of the 3rd Infantry Division is an iPod user for life—which incidentally got extended thanks to Apple's little music player. He was on patrol in Iraq when he met an armed insurgent carrying an AK-47. Both opened fire, and the bullet heading toward Kevin hit his chest right where his iPod was, which was enough to slow down the bullet to not pierce entirely through the body armor.


The fact that he had a 20GB (older and thicker) iPod probably helped slow down the bullet more than if he had one of the newer (and thinner) 30GB ones. In that sense, an Archos would probably be enough to stop a tank shell.

Ipod saves Soldier's Life [Flickr via Neatorama]


After reading the posts on Flickr, as well as some of them here, I find myself rather taken aback by comments made by those who would use a story about a guy not dying and turn it into some sort of political diatribe.

Great, I understand that you don't agree with the war, or the president, or the fact the McDonalds doesn't use the "hot side hot, cool side cool" containers anymore. Whatever your angle, sometimes you can leave your politics at the door.

I understand completely that the iPod probably had nothing to do with saving this guys life, and that it is unfortunate that in the conflict setting that the soldier was in, that the other guy died, but please do not try to take away the small feeling of wonder that a human can get from hearing that at least both people didn't die.

And to bring this back to gadgets, it would totally have made the story if the iPod was stuck on infinite loop playing "Stop in the Name of Love."