This is Why You Shouldn't Clean Your HDTV with Windex

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We know spring is here and we know you wanna keep all your gadgets nice and shiny, but you see that dark, u-shaped streak running through the bottom of this DLP TV? That's what happened when some poor schmo sprayed Windex (or any other cleaner) directly onto his flat-panel DLP. The liquid drips down to the bottom of the screen and then creeps back up, sandwiching itself between the screen and the protective plastic. Yeah, fingerprints and smudges happen, but use a soft cloth to wipe 'em away. Or yell at anyone that comes too close to your TV. (That's what I do.) Anybody out there have any other screen-cleaning tips?


DL.TV: Windex Gone Bad [PC Mag]


Windex is minimally bad because of the "Ammonia D" component, which is not ammonia. I believe it's the ingredient in simple green, which dulls certain plastics.

Generic windex that does have ammonia in it does work fine, I've never seen it harm anything. Isopropyl alcohol can affect certain plastics, and especially the 99% stuff. I have seen that stuff do some damage. It also is bad for your skin. Iso alcohol does not like to like above some percentage (87% maybe?) concentration. Above that percentage it will try to suck the moisture right out of you. Note too that iso alcohol dissolves skin sebum (and soap scum). It's not fun getting 99% iso on your hands.