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2nd Generation iRiver Clix Now Available

Illustration for article titled 2nd Generation iRiver Clix Now Available

The update to the iRiver Clix is finally available stateside. This iPod nano competitor has a 24-hour music and 5-hour video battery life. It also has a 2.2-inch AMOLED screen and support for MPEG, MP3, WMA, OGG, WMV, MPEG4 and more. The 2GB model is $149, the 4GB model is $199 and the 8GB model (available later this summer) will be $249. The jury is still out on this player, but it has the same price tags as its iPod counterpart, but can also do video and has a longer battery life. Interesting, indeed.


Product Page [iRiver]

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Just to reconfirm, along with more video formats, this one does, indeed, support 30fps playback.

And I have to agree, iTunes is one of the main reason I do NOT own an iPod. It's awful software and I'm not interested in using it. You can use WMP11, which is great, or iRiver Plus, or drag-and-drop with this player. Plenty of options.

I can't wait for a review on this. Strongly considering it as my next player.