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You Can Stick Your Online Gambling—I'm Playing Blackjack on My Watch

Illustration for article titled You Can Stick Your Online Gambling—Im Playing Blackjack on My Watch

I can just see Vegas poker-twats strapping this Christophe Claret watch on and lecturing me about how I can't put my vodka on the blackjack table when having a flutter. With three games built into the analogue display—dice, roulette and blackjack—you'd never be bored while waiting for a table to clear.


Though I imagine if you can afford to spend $200,000 on a watch, you probably don't have to do much waiting for tables. [Christophe Claret via Werd]

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This is the watch that the people in Gamblers Anonymous already pawned for $100 because they were sure that next hand was going to be The Big One.

"If only..."