A Man Buys a Phone with a Magic SIM inside...

About a year ago, I had borrowed a phone to test, a Sony Ericsson M600, and slipped in an old press SIM I had lying around inside. These SIMs that come with press review phones, often have the benefit of being billed to the carrier, not the journalist, so they're useful for testing. Time passes, months actually, and I return the phone to the importer who lent it to me, forgetting all about my little friend, the SIM card, which I left inside.

Yesterday I get an email from the importer, who turns around and tells me they'd sold the phone to someone who'd transfered the active SIM to their name (why?). Two weeks later, they'd bounced some checks, only to find out he'd been billed $6000 dollars for the media account's past due bills.

Now, I didn't use the SIM beyond the occasional phone call, less than 100 dials total, pinky swear. But it was in my care since 2005, so you're talking about nearly 30 months of bills that piled up. I wonder how the rep from the unnamed company transferred the SIM to the customer's name without noticing it was a media account with strange billing mojo and a $6000 unpaid tab?

I'm trying to sort it out now. But I promise you I didn't use it to call Mars or call 1-900 numbers.

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"Pinky Swear"? Dude seriously, I thought Kim was writting this when I read that.