Sdesignunit 2+1 Furniture: Lego Inspired Loving

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"This dinner is so romantic."
"Anything for you baby."
"It makes me want to..."
"Hold that thought!"
"Ow! You pulled the chair out from under me!"
"No...I pulled the bed out from under you!"
"Oh, ok. Then it's romantic again."

Operate at your own risk. Design can be dangerous.

Design Page [via trendsnow]

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And great marketing btw:

Chairs + table

The young singles ratio is getting increase in the society. These people live alone in small apartment in the city. They would like to have multipurpose furniture for using small room efficiently. There are two chairs and on table. Ordinary these are two chairs and table. But When they watch TV. It can be Sofa. And when they go to sleep. It is going to be a single bed.