Mind-reading Coffee Machine Keeps You Addicted to the Bean

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I'm a big coffee drinker, so the thought of owning a coffee machine that can read my mind both scares and intrigues me. Developed by the crew at JL Hufford, the "super automatic coffee machine" will be able to learn your coffee-drinking patterns so any time you crave a cup of joe, it'll have your favorite drink waiting for you.


The folks at JL Hufford won't describe the "brains" of the machine, though they do note that it could have GPS tracking or RFID technology, so you could even phone in your coffee order from the office. No word on when this digital barista will see the light of day, though I'll be first in line to try one out.

Press Release [via The Raw Feed]


Wow - talk about (I sound like a broken record re: marketing — sorry for that) PR folks doing their job. This little company just got prime real estate on the Giz with a press release that reads:

"This new breed of learning coffee makers could be introduced in the next several years, predicts coffee machine retailer."

"...Product Manager, believes that the technology enabling an appliance to learn and react to its user's preferences, so-called "ubiquitous computing", is already both available and affordable."

umm - so yr not really announcing anything. Yr announcing that you could do this...


Note my latest press release:

"Today Swervie announced that companies with interesting ideas should keep them to themsleves until they actually release at least an ALPA of the product."