MacBook Mini Pushed Back to 2008?

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It was never confirmed by Apple, but the folks at AppleInsider are reporting that Apple's ultraportable MacBook Mini won't see the light of day till late this year or possibly next. The reason? Apparently Leopard's delay will also affect the MacBook Mini because the flash-based ultraportable will rely on software support from Leopard for managing its onboard NAND flash memory. New rumors also suggest the notebook will lack an optical drive, which I hope isn't true.


Apple "Revises" Sub-notebook Mac Release Date [Red Hardware]

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Firstly, what's all this bullshit about the macbook mini being DELAYED? Since it wasn't even announced by Apple, technically, it can still be right on time in the near future.

I agree that Apple would have to charge a bit less for a base model miniature notebook than the base-line macbook to make it relevant. If it has Sony Viao prices, it will do poorly. I know that many people would gladly give up an optical drive to have room for maybe a couple more USB and/or Firewire ports that can be used to supplement the hardware. If anything, this particular machine, if priced right, would be the perfect mobile companion to larger desktops, which would have all of the necessary home-based hardware you'd need.

If anything, this would be the killer texting, homework drafting, music listening, movie watching, web browsing lapPod. If Apple comes up with one, I will be getting one. I like to have more powerful desktops handy, so having equally equipped equally powerful laptops are not a big necessity for me on the go, since I don't do intense tasks while mobile...ever.