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Projector with an Integrated DVD Player

Illustration for article titled Projector with an Integrated DVD Player

It may be a bit of an oxymoron, but home theater junkies can be lazy as hell too. Sure, they will dump thousands of dollars into a system, but who wants to actually set it up? That is where this projector steps in. This red rocket has an DVD player built directly into it. It isn't the complete lazy-man's dream because speakers would still need to be hooked up, but it could provide a fairly nice, clean-cut ceiling install. Epson also makes a similar projector, but it isn't as pretty as this red dandy.


DVD Player/Projector combo for the blissfully lazy [SCI FI]

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Let's take a poll about how many dvd players people here have gone through.

Personally, I've junked three of them for going screwy. With these all in one units, you can't just replace one defective component (not to mention integrate a new technology or format standard) and keep any of the advantages of an all-in-one-der.

Chances are you'll either wind up with a dvd player with a dead projector attached (weeee) or a projector that can no longer plays dvds at twice the size and weight of a regular one. Personally, I'd rather keep my components modular.