Quick News: Wal-Mart Loves Skype and More

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CBS showed today that they are at least starting to understand what consumers want. They are planning on syndicating their online content to other sites like Joost or AOL, instead of keeping it all on CBS.com.

This is probably the last thing Vonage wanted to hear (Aside from Patent Infringement), but Skype has secured a deal for its very own section in Wal-Mart. That's right, the retailing juggernaut will be pushing VOIP.

In another interesting Internet-related move, the Department of Defense has decided to block several sites including MySpace and YouTube. Apparently the troops are using too much of the Army's bandwidth visiting them.


Hopefully that pacemaker study we showed you last week didn't involve iPod shuffles, because the UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco has given every last one of their 8,300 employees a shiny new shuffle. This could be a prescription for disaster.

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Skype has probably more contracts in mind, as there are dozens of newcomers on the market of free IP-based calls. So lets look for the next deal soon.