Watch Gizmodo's Matt Buchanan Talk About AT&T Buying T-Mobile on CNN

Illustration for article titled Watch Gizmodos Matt Buchanan Talk About ATT Buying T-Mobile on CNN

Our own Matt Buchanan stopped by CNN to tell American Morning why AT&T buying T-Mobile is going to be bad news for us. Spoiler: less competition, more power for Verizon and AT&T and also, catnip. Watch it! [CNN] Click to view

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Everyone bitches about AT&T coverage in New york And San Fran, but when AT&T finds a way to fix it the same people bitch about the solution. The takeover will greatly increase AT&T's number of towers and improve coverage in those cities that coverage is weak in now. AT&T has a great data network, hopefully this will help them improve the voice quality and decrease dropped calls. I'm glad ATT&T can focus more on 4G rollout now and not have to spend as much time and money building up its 3G networks, I don't care about less compettition because there is plenty of smaller telcoms and I don't plan on giving up my unlimited data plan any time soon.