This is What We've Become: Woman Pushes Baby on Segway

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We hope you're proud of yourselves. Update: See the explanation here.


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Danny Sullivan

My take - I think Mr. Hofstetter should calm the fuck down. A joke that circulated the Internet three years ago, as a joke and nothing more, should be long forgotten. The fact that he came here to try and make everyone feel bad about this years later is uncalled for and sad. What it sounds like to me is an attempt to get public sympathy so we all can see her on Oprah and fund her lots of money. I'm sorry your mother has fought cancer for a long time. And I am sorry that she lost her leg. But getting THIS upset about something that happened THREE years ago about a topic that had NOTHING to do with what actually happened is a little much. That post was to poke fun at the fact that there is a grown women using a Segway to help her push her baby. That was it. That was the joke. Nothing about cancer, or turmoil, or whether that is her baby or not. I think the real apology here should be from you for taking something that has blown over YEARS ago and making the "journalist" and Gizmodo readers feel remorse for something that they shouldn't even feel bad about. Poking fun at anonymous people taken from anonymous sources is part of how the Internet works. If you can't get over the fact that thousands of readers found amusement out of what this post was suppose to be about (making fun of a lazy women NOT a cancer survivor) then you have two options. Get over it or DON'T.