M500 Wristwatch Phone Shipping

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The M500 by SMS Technology is now shipping in the land down under for an extremely high $820.


We learned last month that this same phone is trying to get approval Stateside, so one could only assume that the FCC approval is imminent. Hey, Maxwell Smart, I think it is time to ditch that shoe phone once and for all.

Wrist Phone M500 Ships this Week from SMS Technology [Wrist Dreams]


Total scam folks. I ordered one last August when they "guaranteed" a Christmas delivery. While my card was charged promptly, no watch, no email responses to my queries...nothing ever followed. If you'll notice, there aren't any contact links on their site, and you can only email them by using info@smstechnologies. Their forum isn't operational either..

A few other early adopters ordered these late last year - and none have seen the watch. If there were a way to go after them I would, but since they're in Austraila there's just no way to do it cheaply.

I wish Engadget and Gizmodo would stop indirectly promoting these folks by placing them on the blog, because it only purpetuates the con.

Caveat Emptor.