Vitality GlowCap, Your Drug-Taking Techno-Nanny

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Okay, you Giz readers who are members of the Woodstock Generation, this Vitality Pill Cap lets you know when it's time to pop that next pill, helping those of us with drug-addled brains cope with the timing of our $20-a-dose prescription drug habits. It's loaded with whiz-bang connectivity, glowing and communicating in ways that can be both convenient and Big Brother-esque. How does it work?


First of all, the thing starts glowing orange when it's time to take your next pill, nagging you into compliance. Then it will even email you or call your cellphone to remind you to take that pill, plus it wirelessly communicates with nightlights you can install in every room if you're that dopey, so your whole house lights up like a Christmas tree until you swallow that pill. Once you've taken that drug, it glows a cool blue "all is well" signal to reward you.

It's also connected to your pharmacist, and at the end of the month you receive a printed "health report," showing you exactly how you complied with your drug-taking routine. In that envelope are coupons to urge you to buy more from that pharmacist. Just what you need—more junk mail. Is this thing just a little bit too helpful?

What's next? A robot that comes to your house and force-feeds the pills down your gaping pie hole? Not that we're complaining—this thing also automatically notifies your pharmacist when it's time for a refill. Now all we need is one of these for weed.

Glowcap Ambient Pill Cap [Information Aesthetics, via Slash Gear]


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